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Lesson Plan – 21st June

Sorry so late on this one!  An oversight on our part.  Tonight we shall crack the Byrd (Agnus Dei), as Carol puts it and begin our new version of Moon River.  Printed parts will be available tonight at the meeting. … Continue reading

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The new Moon River arrangement

Hi All! Here is the new arrangement I spoke of, still challenging but not quite as weird as the earlier one we had struggled with.  As with the Agnus Dei, we’re now including sung vocal parts––individual parts and ensemble.  There … Continue reading

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New Rhythm Exercises

Here are 5 new rhythm exercises to keep you sharp.  I’ve tried to utilize ties over bars in these to give you further practice for the Agnus Dei.  Don’t cheat now!  Work them out with clapping and counting first before … Continue reading

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Plan for Thursday, 6th June

Hi Gruppo, On Thursday evening the joyous plan is to begin with Summer is A-Coming In.  We will then continue dissecting the Byrd Agnus Dei, Carol has a new rhythm training exercise that she hopes to mesmerise you with, and … Continue reading

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Agnus Dei – with REAL VOICES!!

Okay, Folks!  We’ve decided to go all out and provide real voices on the parts for your listening and learning pleasure.  We’re starting with the Byrd 3-Part Mass, Agnus Dei and we’ll work our way through all our repertoire as … Continue reading

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Downloadable audio files?

Richard Brady came up with the idea of providing downloadable audio files so that anyone who would rather have them on their portable units or open them with another player on their computer can do so. Perhaps this will also … Continue reading

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Agnus Dei performance on YouTube

James Patmore very helpfully mentioned that a YouTube performance of the Agnus Dei to listen to might be useful to everyone.  So, here it is. I’ll try to make this a regular feature whenever possible. Thanks, James!

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