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Session 1 recording – 25 February 2016

Hi All, I thought it might be fun to make recordings of our sessions from now on and post the best from each, just for our own information and entertainment. To our long-time members these first two will be perhaps … Continue reading

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Tuneless Choir gets press

I heard about this choir this morning on Radio 4, as I’m sure many of you did, and thought I should post it to the group. When you hear this choir and listen to yourselves (And yes, I’m going to … Continue reading

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Both Sides Now, Joni’s folk masterpiece for SAB

Time for a folk revival?  Ready for incense & candles? Beehives, Beatniks and Birkenstocks?  Me, neither.  But this is a great song by any standards, and while not an overly ambitious arrangement, I think it nicely captures the mood. Here is … Continue reading

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Britten’s Canon from the Welcome Ode

This will be a really nice change of pace for us.  Don’t panic, it’s not too difficult to learn. The difficulty will lie in the dissonances that derive from singing the 3 parts of the canon together.  When it’s right, … Continue reading

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