How Great Delight – SAB Madrigal


Another 3-part madrigal from the 17th Century by Thomas Tomkins.  It’s lovely and sombre in its minor key.

When you work from the audio be sure to note what bar and beat you come in on as all audio parts start immediately and may not reflect your actual entrance beat.

Check out these lyrics:

How great delight from those sweet lips I taste
Whether I hear them speak, or feel them kiss!
Only this want I have, that being graced
With one of them, the other straight I miss.
Love, since thou canst do wonders, heap my blisses
And grant her kissing words, or speaking kisses.

And have a listen to Con Piacere sing it:

3-Parts together audio

How Great Delight_SAB_P1
How Great Delight_SAB_P2
How Great Delight_SAB_P3

Soprano audio

How Great Delight_Soprano

Alto audio

How Great Delight_Alto

Baritone audio

How Great Delight_Baritone

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3 Responses to How Great Delight – SAB Madrigal

  1. Simply … well … delightful!

  2. It’s a pleasure to see “us” on your website! Best regards Joyce Vermeer, Con Piacere.

  3. lewesclassical says:

    And thank you for a lovely rendition of this great madrigal! I hope you didn’t mind me sharing it with my group.

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