Sakura, a Japanese treat in 3 parts

sakura blossomSakura is the flowering cherry tree, Japan’s most celebrated plant. The blossom is the national flower. This familiar (some might even say clichéd) melody is given a lovely 3 part treatment here that I think you’ll enjoy working on and singing.

Sakura 3 parts audio

Sakura - 3 Parts - P1

Sakura – 3 Parts – P1

Sakura  - 3Parts, P2

Sakura – 3Parts, P2

Sakura – Soprano audio

Sakura - Soprano part

Sakura – Soprano part

Sakura – Alto audio

Sakura - Alto part

Sakura – Alto part

Sakura – Baritone audio

Sakura - Baritone part

Sakura – Baritone part

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