The Virgin Mary, a new 3-part arrangement for the Christmas season.

Here we go again.  All 3 parts first so you can see what we’re up against. 🙂 Have a few listens and a read through and then I’ll put up the individual parts tomorrow.

The Virgin Mary_SAB

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11 Responses to The Virgin Mary, a new 3-part arrangement for the Christmas season.

  1. Jenny says:

    Paul, it sounds glorious but it is coming through a bit disjointed in places (keeps cutting out), unless this is just my laptop!! Jx

    • lewesclassical says:

      Most likely your laptop unless there’s an interruption in the bandwidth from the server. Give it another go later and let me know if it’s still a problem. look forward to hearing from others, too.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks for the new tune

    Its kinda catchy can’t stop humming it….

    Played fine on my tablet.

    I even learnt the bass parts first 12 bars 🙂



    • miki says:

      Aahh lovely calypso – I am already swaying under the banana trees. I am very excited and have banished Aida from my mind. I am going to learn the first 13 bars of both the soprano and alto parts in order to keep up with Richard!!!

      xx |Miki

      • lewesclassical says:

        Glad you like it, Miki. I was about two when I first heard this song. It’s been a part of me ever since. I think it will be fun for us to work on.

        • miki says:

          can we follow it up with the cowboy carol? yah yipee I’m goin’ to ride the trail! On second thoughts I might be doin’ that one on my own……

  3. Richard Brady says:

    Don’t worry Miki I was joking Baritones are silent for the first 12 bars.

  4. Richard Brady says:

    By the way whilst we are on a festive theme how about a round for Halloween, we could even sing it in latin.

    Link below

  5. Joan Stuart-Turner says:

    Paul – that’s a fabulous! One of my long time favourites and yes! agree with Miki – I’m definitely up for the Cowboy Carol! Used to really enjoy doing that with the kids.

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