Agnus Dei & another…

Hi all,

Here’s a link to a lovely recording of the Byrd Mass for 3 voices, which is where the Agnus Dei is.  If you listen to it, be aware that your part may or may not be exactly on top or in the middle– it was scored originally for Alto, Tenor, and Bass.  The Agnus Dei starts at 14:32.

And, for you enthusiasts of Nero’s Expedition:

From humble beginnings in the northern tropics of South America, to being found on every continent on Earth (except Antarctica), the water hyacinth is the most invasive aquatic plant in the world.

An incredible fast-growing plant that is capable of cloning itself, mats of water hyacinth can rapidly spread to cover entire lakes and rivers

This can have a catastrophic impact on the ecosystem, pushing out other aquatic plants, reducing fish populations and even releasing pollutants into the water as they decay.

But scientists around the world are trying to find new ways to harness this aquatic menace for good, using it as a fuel source or a water treatment solution.

Water hyacinth populations have been recorded to double their numbers in just two weeks.

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