Love is the Fire – A new madrigal for a new year

love is a fireWelcome back and Happy New Year!

We’ve had requests for more madrigals and we’ve finally buckled under the pressure of popular demand.  Who knew that running a singing class would be so demanding?

We’ve come across a small treasure trove of SAB madrigals so we will happily scatter them throughout the year.  This one is by Thomas Bateson from the year 1618, give or take a decade or two, and I’m quite taken with it!

*No human beings were harmed in the creation of this photograph.

3-Part Audio

Love is the fire_SAB_P1
Love is the fire_SAB_P2
Love is the fire_SAB_P3

Soprano Audio

Love is the fire_Soprano

Alto Audio

Love is the fire_Alto

Baritone Audio

Love is the fire_Baritone


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