A few photos from our 1st October session…..

…..courtesy of Mike Howell, a man of many stories and many talents.

1st October, 2015 session -- all 23 of us!

1st October, 2015 session — all 23 of us!

1st October, 2015 session -- all 23 of us!

1st October, 2015 session — all 23 of us!

Carol laughing at something Stella said.

Carol laughing at something Stella said.

1st October, 2015 session -- all 23 of us!

1st October, 2015 session — all 23 of us!

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Early One Morning – Quintessential English folk

MaidenHere’s one of the all time greats of English folk music.

From Wikipedia:
The lyrics are first found in publications as far back as 1787. A broadside in the Bodleian Library, Oxford dates from about 1803. Early editions are often referred to as “The Lamenting Maid” or “The Lovesick Maid”.

It was only with William Chappell’s publication in his National English Airs of c.1855-1859 that the well-known melody was first printed. The melody may be derived from an earlier song “The Forsaken Lover”. Chappell wrote in his later Popular Music of the Olden Time:

“If I were required to name three of the most popular songs among the servant-maids of the present generation, I should say, from my own experience, that they are Cupid’s Garden, I sow’d the seeds of love, and Early one morning. I have heard Early one morning sung by servants who came from Leeds, from Hereford and from Devonshire, and by others from parts nearer to London. The tune… was, I believe first printed in my collection…. from one of the penny song-books collected by Ritson, and it is curious that scarely any two copies agree beyond the second line, although the subject is always the same – a damsel’s complaint for the loss of her lover.”

Since there are bars of rests in this piece I’ve put in a click track to help you count bars, but just in the rests, not the whole song. There are 4 clicks before your initial entrance and I have left out the first bars rest at the beginning if you have them.

Early One Morning 3 part audio

Early One Morning_SAB_P1
Early One Morning_SAB_P2
Early One Morning_SAB_P3

Soprano Audio

Early One Morning_Soprano

Alto Audio

Early One Morning_Alto

Bass Audio

Early One Morning_Bass

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LVW Payment Policy

Payment Policy

We often have requests for members to pay only for each session attended. However, we are starting to feel that we need a more formal policy, as most courses or groups have a termly subscription fee. So:
Course fee is £70 per term.  Some terms will include 8 sessions for that price, some terms 7 sessions.  For those who are unable to come as often as that, we will offer a part-time subscription of £50, for attendance at up to 5 sessions.  We would like to encourage people to keep on showing up, even though they may have to miss several meetings.
For those with financial hardship who would still like to attend, please contact us directly, and we will sort something out.
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Rules for Ensemble Singing

Golden Rules









I saw these rules today on Facebook and had to send them to you all.  I expect to see them all in evidence on Thursday night. 😉

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Sine Nomine – A Vaughan Williams festival piece

RVWWelcome back, everyone! And a special welcome to any newbies coming aboard.  We’re beginning with a lovely arrangement of the Sine Nomine arranged by Vaughan Williams. Here are the parts for those of you who wish to get in a bit of advanced study before Thursday night.

3-Parts – SAB Audio

Sine Nomine_SAB_0001
Sine Nomine_SAB_0002
Sine Nomine_SAB_0003
Sine Nomine_SAB_0004

Soprano Part – Audio

Sine Nomine_Sop

Alto Part – Audio

Sine Nomine_Alto_P1
Sine Nomine_Alto_P2

Baritone Part – Audio

Sine Nomine_Bar_P1
Sine Nomine_Bar_P2

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Come & Sing – Fauré Requiem and Rutter Anthems

For those interested, this is Saturday 11 July at St Anne’s Church on Western Road in Lewes.  Peter Farrant will run a workshop for singers, beginning at 2.00pm, followed by a performance of Faure’s Requiem at 7.45pm.

(Friends’ Fabric Fund to benefit.)

For bookings and/or further information call 01273 475201.



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Madrigal Mayhem for Women Only!

A message from Conductor/Singer Ruth Kerr:
Madrigal Mayhem and A Capella Camaraderie!
I invite you to take part in a morning workshop devoted to the discovery and enjoyment of unaccompanied choral part-singing – women only!  Some singing experience would be useful, but we will take our time learning the notes.  I intend to look at music ranging from 16th century madrigals, via romantic part-songs, through to close-harmony barbershop-style repertoire – something for everyone!  All the music will be unaccompanied (a cappella) so you will be singing in 3- and 4-part harmony… possibly more!

Here are the details:

10.30am – 1pm
,  Sunday June 21st
St John-Sub-Castro Church Hall, Talbot Terrace, Lewes
£15 including coffee and biscuits 

To book a place please email me (kerr_ruth@hotmail.com) or call (01273 472867).
Hope you can make it!
All warmest wishes,


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Strike It Up, Tabor by Thomas Weelkes

taborThomas Weelkes (1576-1623) was an English composer and organist at Chichester Cathedral. He wrote mostly vocal music, including many madrigals. The Oxford Book of English Madrigals has more songs by Weelkes than any other composer.
For a church organist he appears to have been quite an unruly character. In spite of that, he remained in this post until his death. He was once fined for urinating on the Dean from the organ loft during Evensong.  So….a sense of humour, then.

The tabor is a drum, as shown in the photo.

Don’t worry about the geography of the piece yet. We’ll work that out in one of our sessions. Just learning notes and rhythms and familiarizing yourself with the text is enough for now.

AUDIO: All 3 Parts

Strike it up, Tabor_3Parts_P1
Strike it up, Tabor_3Parts_P2
Strike it up, Tabor_3Parts_P3

AUDIO: Soprano with Drum

Strike it up, Tabor_Sop

AUDIO: Alto with Drum

Strike it up, Tabor_Alto

AUDIO: Bass with Drum

Strike it up, Tabor_Bass

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Singing in the Rain!

Singing Rain

Hi Gang,
We have here a fun arrangement of Singing in the Rain, written by Nacio Herb Brown and Arthur Freed.  Remember when you’re learning this that the quavers are sung in a swing rhythm––not as straight quavers.  Listen to the audio and you’ll see what I mean.  We can talk about this more when we meet.
Download PDF score here
Looking forward to seeing most of you on Thursday!


AUDIO: All 3 Parts

Singing Rain_3parts_P1
Singing Rain_3parts_P2
Singing Rain_3parts_P3
Singing Rain_3parts_P4
Singing Rain_3parts_P5

AUDIO: Soprano

Singing Rain_Sop_P1
Singing Rain_Sop_P2


Singing Rain_Alto_P1
Singing Rain_Alto_P2


Singing Rain_Bass_P1
Singing Rain_Bass_P2

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Name That Tune, Too!

Here’s some more fun for those inclined towards musical puzzles.  Remember––––no cheating!  This is sight reading only.

Have fun and don’t forget our next meeting is this Thursday night, the 26th!

The PDF version to download and print out is here.

Name that Tune 2

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