20 Golden Rules for Singing Opera

opera ladyI’m posting a link to these Golden Rules for Singing Opera from Sophie Rennert‘s site. Please have them learned by heart for Thursday night as there will be a short aural exam.

20 Golden Rules for Singing Opera

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Fun with Greg Felton

Wonderful stuff. Not to be taken seriously. 😉

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Session 2 recording – 10 March 2016

LitRecordingStudioSignWhat fun last night was! Thank you, all.

So, here are a few bits and bobs from last night’s session––a nearly lovely Non nobis domine (I say nearly because we’ll do this again, and better), a little jocularity around Britten’s treacherous setting of the word “merry,” and our first complete read-through of the canon from his Welcome Ode.  Again, this will greatly improve but it’s important that we hear our starting point.

Non nobis domine

A merry interlude

First run-through of Britten’s Canon

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Session 1 recording – 25 February 2016

LitRecordingStudioSignHi All,

I thought it might be fun to make recordings of our sessions from now on and post the best from each, just for our own information and entertainment. To our long-time members these first two will be perhaps a disappointment, something to remind us of what we are capable of. Our new members can maybe use it as a starting post––keep track and, as time goes by, relish the development and improvement, and hopefully your own feelings of enjoyment in singing.

Keep in mind, too, that we are not a choir. We’re a class for individual improvement. That being said, you all made some really lovely sounds last night.

Already looking forward to the next one! Enjoy.


By the Waters of Babylon

How Great Delight

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Tuneless Choir gets press

I heard about this choir this morning on Radio 4, as I’m sure many of you did, and thought I should post it to the group. When you hear this choir and listen to yourselves (And yes, I’m going to record us one evening soon!) you’ll hear that you are anything but tuneless. You’re singing in 3-part harmony, in tune and with a blend. So, go LVW!!

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Both Sides Now, Joni’s folk masterpiece for SAB

both sides nowTime for a folk revival?  Ready for incense & candles? Beehives, Beatniks and Birkenstocks?  Me, neither.  But this is a great song by any standards, and while not an overly ambitious arrangement, I think it nicely captures the mood.

Here is a PDF of  the full score for printing.

Audio – All 3 Parts

Both Sides Now_3Parts_P1
Both Sides Now_3Parts_P2
Both Sides Now_3Parts_P3
Both Sides Now_3Parts_P4

Audio – Soprano Part

Both Sides Now_Sop_P1
Both Sides Now_Sop_P2

Audio – Alto Part

Both Sides Now_Alto_P1
Both Sides Now_Alto_P2

Audio – Baritone Part

Both Sides Now_Bar_P1
Both Sides Now_Bar_P2

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Britten’s Canon from the Welcome Ode

britten-stamp-1366107290-hero-promo-0This will be a really nice change of pace for us.  Don’t panic, it’s not too difficult to learn. The difficulty will lie in the dissonances that derive from singing the 3 parts of the canon together.  When it’s right, it’s quite magical. I’ve included clicks in (hopefully) appropriate places to help you count the bars of silence.

Here is a PDF to download for printing.


Audio – 3 Parts


Audio – Soprano


Audio – Alto


Audio – Baritone


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How Great Delight – SAB Madrigal


Another 3-part madrigal from the 17th Century by Thomas Tomkins.  It’s lovely and sombre in its minor key.

When you work from the audio be sure to note what bar and beat you come in on as all audio parts start immediately and may not reflect your actual entrance beat.

Check out these lyrics:

How great delight from those sweet lips I taste
Whether I hear them speak, or feel them kiss!
Only this want I have, that being graced
With one of them, the other straight I miss.
Love, since thou canst do wonders, heap my blisses
And grant her kissing words, or speaking kisses.

And have a listen to Con Piacere sing it:

3-Parts together audio

How Great Delight_SAB_P1
How Great Delight_SAB_P2
How Great Delight_SAB_P3

Soprano audio

How Great Delight_Soprano

Alto audio

How Great Delight_Alto

Baritone audio

How Great Delight_Baritone

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I Saw Three Ships – A fun 3 part arrangement by Herr Schürmann

3 ShipsSorry I hadn’t gotten this one up before now. We must have done it back in the day before the website.  But better late than never.

Apologies, too, that this has no individual score parts.  You’ll have to struggle along with all three together.  But I did give you individual audio parts to listen to while you’re reading.

The audio goes straight through without repeats.
I Saw Three Ships (3 parts)

I Saw Three Ships (Soprano)

I Saw Three Ships (Alto)

I Saw Three Ships (Baritone)

I Saw Three Ships_p1
I Saw Three Ships_p2
I Saw Three Ships_p3
I Saw Three Ships_p4

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The Virgin Mary, newly revised

Virgin-Mary-stylized1Carol has handily revamped some of the SAB writing in this arrangement and I have redone the audio files to keep up with the slightly more modern website.  Hope this helps.

The audio files are a bit under tempo to help get to grips with them.  We’ll give it a bit more of a calypso groove when we work on it.

Virgin Mary – All 3 Parts

Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_01
Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_02
Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_03
Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_04

Virgin Mary – Soprano part

Virgin Mary_Vocal - Soprano_01
Virgin Mary_Vocal - Soprano_02

Virgin Mary – Alto part

Virgin Mary_Vocal - Alto_01
Virgin Mary_Vocal - Alto_02

Virgin Mary – Baritone part

Virgin Mary_Vocal - Baritone_01
Virgin Mary_Vocal - Baritone_02

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