Last LVW Coffee/Tea Mugs – Going once, going twice…..

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Here it is in all its comical splendour!  The Official LVW Coffee/Tea Mug–– just waiting for some happy LVW newbie to grab them up. Only 4 left!  And the first 4 people to leave a comment on this site or email me will have them, free for the asking to clear space in our office.


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Finale of Don Giovanni

Don JuanWelcome back, all to the Autumn 2014 LVW sessions.  Here are the parts for the very excellent finale of Mozart’s Don Giovanni that we began working on last evening.  I’ve included the piano part in each of the audio files to help you hear where you are, but I’ve lowered the volume of the piano and raised the volume of your parts so it should be clear what you are listening to.
Remember, those black bars with the numbers over them are places where you rest. The number tells you how many bars you rest for. Since we’re beating this piece in 2, there are 2 beats in each bar. So, to find your place count 1,2 2,2 3,2 4,2 and so on.

Have fun!

Audio for 3-Parts (with piano)

Giovanni finale SAB parts_0001 Giovanni finale SAB parts_0002 Giovanni finale SAB parts_0003 Giovanni finale SAB parts_0004 Giovanni finale SAB parts_0005 Audio for Soprano (with piano)
Giovanni finale parts - Soprano_0001 Giovanni finale parts - Soprano_0002 Audio for Alto (with piano)
Giovanni finale parts - Alto_0001 Giovanni finale parts - Alto_0002 Audio for Baritone (with piano)
Giovanni finale parts - Baritone_0001 Giovanni finale parts - Baritone_0002

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Come Live With Me – by William Sterndale Bennett

Bennett-William-Sterndale-05Here is a really sweet, lilting 3-part song for us to work on.  It was originally arranged for 4 parts (SATB) but Carol very cleverly and handily whittled it down to 3 (SAB).  She also included a note about Sir Willie on the top of the first page of music that is worth reading.

Have a look and listen through and we’ll begin work on it next session, which is 26 June.

(Hmmm….. stern by name, stern by nature by the looks of things.)

Come Live With Me – 3 Part Audio

Come Live With Me_3parts_p1
Come Live With Me_3part_p2
Come Live With Me_3part_p3
Come Live With Me_3part_p4

Come Live With Me – Soprano Audio

Come Live With Me_Sop

Come Live With Me – Alto Audio

Come Live With Me_Alto

Come Live With Me – Bass Audio

Come Live With Me_Bass

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Sakura, a Japanese treat in 3 parts

sakura blossomSakura is the flowering cherry tree, Japan’s most celebrated plant. The blossom is the national flower. This familiar (some might even say clichéd) melody is given a lovely 3 part treatment here that I think you’ll enjoy working on and singing.

Sakura 3 parts audio

Sakura - 3 Parts - P1

Sakura – 3 Parts – P1

Sakura  - 3Parts, P2

Sakura – 3Parts, P2

Sakura – Soprano audio

Sakura - Soprano part

Sakura – Soprano part

Sakura – Alto audio

Sakura - Alto part

Sakura – Alto part

Sakura – Baritone audio

Sakura - Baritone part

Sakura – Baritone part

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And one for Mike Howell…..Jock O’Hazeldean!

Sorry it’s taken so long, Mike but here it is at last, and I think quite a lovely arrangement, too!  Baritones get the melody at the opening and then pass it off to the sopranos.  And both Altos and Baritones will have fun with all the fab semi-quavers that bring it all to a close.  Enjoy!

*Note to Baritones: When you play your audio part be prepared to wait for the opening 3 bars rest before your part starts to play!


Jock O’Hazeldean – 3-Part audio


Jock O’Hazeldean – Soprano audio

Jock OHazeldean_Soprano

Jock OHazeldean_Soprano

Jock O’Hazeldean – Alto audio

Jock OHazeldean_Alto

Jock OHazeldean_Alto

Jock O’Hazeldean – Baritone audio

Jock OHazeldean_Bass

Jock OHazeldean_Bass

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The ghost of Molly Malone wheels her barrow yet again….


Welcome back, my friends to the show that never ends! Ladies and Gentlemen, LVW has new music!


Audio for all 3 parts

Molly Malone_SAB_P1
Molly Malone_SAB_P2

Audio for Soprano

Molly Malone_Soprano

Molly Malone_Soprano

Audio for Alto

Molly Malone_Alto

Molly Malone_Alto

Audio for Baritone

Molly Malone_Baritone

Molly Malone_Baritone

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Rhthym & Names Quiz answers

flower-match-gameSo, just in case you are still sitting on the edge of your sofas, grinding your teeth and swearing softly, here are the answers to the Rhythm & Names Match Game.

See you all soon, we hope!

Nigel Farage
Jeremy Paxman
George Friedrich Handel
Hillary Mantel
David Cameron
Mike Howell
Luciano Pavarotti  (first name is only 3 syllables, remember!)
Shami Chakrabarti
Tommy Lee Jones
Penelope Leach
Benjamin Zephaniah
Alexander McCall Smith
Cher (most people got this one)
Ruth O’Keefe
Sir John Tomlinson
Andrew Lloyd Webber

Rhythm & Names Match Game

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Non nobis Domine – A 3-part round apparently not by William Byrd

Not really William Byrd

Not really William Byrd

But here it is nevertheless because it’s very nice.


Non nobis domine_3part

Soprano part

Non nobis domine_soprano

Alto part

Non nobis domine_alto

Baritone part

Non nobis domine_baritone

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Round-up for the last session this term

The Round-Up

The Round-Up

Hello All,

For our last session we’ll do a joyous bash through some of what we’ve learned this term as well as a few gems from past years.  I realize not everyone will know all of the music but as ever I am supplying the links here so that those of you who are so inclined will be able to put in a bit of revision.

Here’s what we’re planning:

Ave Verum

Nero’s Expedition

Rest, Sad Eyes

Drinking Catch No. 2

My Complaining

Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

Non Nobis Domine

Over the Rainbow

Sweet Kate

Non nobis Domine is coming momentarily.  Hang on.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday night!


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My Complaining is But Faining….uh-huh.

So, here’s a sweet new madrigal by Robert Jones called My Complaining is but Faining.

3-Part Audio

My Complaining is But Faining

Soprano Audio

My Complaining_Soprano

Alto Audio

My Complaining_Alto

Baritone Audio

My Complaining_Baritone

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