Both Sides Now, Joni’s folk masterpiece for SAB

both sides nowTime for a folk revival?  Ready for incense & candles? Beehives, Beatniks and Birkenstocks?  Me, neither.  But this is a great song by any standards, and while not an overly ambitious arrangement, I think it nicely captures the mood.

Here is a PDF of  the full score for printing.

Audio – All 3 Parts

Both Sides Now_3Parts_P1
Both Sides Now_3Parts_P2
Both Sides Now_3Parts_P3
Both Sides Now_3Parts_P4

Audio – Soprano Part

Both Sides Now_Sop_P1
Both Sides Now_Sop_P2

Audio – Alto Part

Both Sides Now_Alto_P1
Both Sides Now_Alto_P2

Audio – Baritone Part

Both Sides Now_Bar_P1
Both Sides Now_Bar_P2

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Britten’s Canon from the Welcome Ode

britten-stamp-1366107290-hero-promo-0This will be a really nice change of pace for us.  Don’t panic, it’s not too difficult to learn. The difficulty will lie in the dissonances that derive from singing the 3 parts of the canon together.  When it’s right, it’s quite magical. I’ve included clicks in (hopefully) appropriate places to help you count the bars of silence.

Here is a PDF to download for printing.


Audio – 3 Parts


Audio – Soprano


Audio – Alto


Audio – Baritone


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How Great Delight – SAB Madrigal


Another 3-part madrigal from the 17th Century by Thomas Tomkins.  It’s lovely and sombre in its minor key.

When you work from the audio be sure to note what bar and beat you come in on as all audio parts start immediately and may not reflect your actual entrance beat.

Check out these lyrics:

How great delight from those sweet lips I taste
Whether I hear them speak, or feel them kiss!
Only this want I have, that being graced
With one of them, the other straight I miss.
Love, since thou canst do wonders, heap my blisses
And grant her kissing words, or speaking kisses.

And have a listen to Con Piacere sing it:

3-Parts together audio

How Great Delight_SAB_P1
How Great Delight_SAB_P2
How Great Delight_SAB_P3

Soprano audio

How Great Delight_Soprano

Alto audio

How Great Delight_Alto

Baritone audio

How Great Delight_Baritone

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I Saw Three Ships – A fun 3 part arrangement by Herr Schürmann

3 ShipsSorry I hadn’t gotten this one up before now. We must have done it back in the day before the website.  But better late than never.

Apologies, too, that this has no individual score parts.  You’ll have to struggle along with all three together.  But I did give you individual audio parts to listen to while you’re reading.

The audio goes straight through without repeats.
I Saw Three Ships (3 parts)

I Saw Three Ships (Soprano)

I Saw Three Ships (Alto)

I Saw Three Ships (Baritone)

I Saw Three Ships_p1
I Saw Three Ships_p2
I Saw Three Ships_p3
I Saw Three Ships_p4

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The Virgin Mary, newly revised

Virgin-Mary-stylized1Carol has handily revamped some of the SAB writing in this arrangement and I have redone the audio files to keep up with the slightly more modern website.  Hope this helps.

The audio files are a bit under tempo to help get to grips with them.  We’ll give it a bit more of a calypso groove when we work on it.

Virgin Mary – All 3 Parts

Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_01
Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_02
Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_03
Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_04

Virgin Mary – Soprano part

Virgin Mary_Vocal - Soprano_01
Virgin Mary_Vocal - Soprano_02

Virgin Mary – Alto part

Virgin Mary_Vocal - Alto_01
Virgin Mary_Vocal - Alto_02

Virgin Mary – Baritone part

Virgin Mary_Vocal - Baritone_01
Virgin Mary_Vocal - Baritone_02

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Rhythm Thing and alert for Thursday

Hi Group,

Here’s the Rhythmaname Match Game sheet to test your rhythm reading, for those of you who missed our last session. Mostly for fun but good training, too. We’ll go over it next session. You can download the PDF here if you want to print it out.

Rhythmaname Match Game

Which brings me to alerting you to our session this Thursday, 29 October at 7:30pm. We hope to see you all there.

All best,
Paul & Carol

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A few photos from our 1st October session…..

…..courtesy of Mike Howell, a man of many stories and many talents.


1st October, 2015 session

1st October, 2015 session

Carol plays, Paul conducts, LVW sings!

Carol plays, Paul conducts, LVW sings!

1st October, 2015 session, all 23 of us!

1st October, 2015 session, all 23 of us!

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Early One Morning – Quintessential English folk

MaidenHere’s one of the all time greats of English folk music.

From Wikipedia:
The lyrics are first found in publications as far back as 1787. A broadside in the Bodleian Library, Oxford dates from about 1803. Early editions are often referred to as “The Lamenting Maid” or “The Lovesick Maid”.

It was only with William Chappell’s publication in his National English Airs of c.1855-1859 that the well-known melody was first printed. The melody may be derived from an earlier song “The Forsaken Lover”. Chappell wrote in his later Popular Music of the Olden Time:

“If I were required to name three of the most popular songs among the servant-maids of the present generation, I should say, from my own experience, that they are Cupid’s Garden, I sow’d the seeds of love, and Early one morning. I have heard Early one morning sung by servants who came from Leeds, from Hereford and from Devonshire, and by others from parts nearer to London. The tune… was, I believe first printed in my collection…. from one of the penny song-books collected by Ritson, and it is curious that scarely any two copies agree beyond the second line, although the subject is always the same – a damsel’s complaint for the loss of her lover.”

Since there are bars of rests in this piece I’ve put in a click track to help you count bars, but just in the rests, not the whole song. There are 4 clicks before your initial entrance and I have left out the first bars rest at the beginning if you have them.

Early One Morning 3 part audio

Early One Morning_SAB_P1
Early One Morning_SAB_P2
Early One Morning_SAB_P3

Soprano Audio

Early One Morning_Soprano

Alto Audio

Early One Morning_Alto

Bass Audio

Early One Morning_Bass

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LVW Payment Policy

Payment Policy

We often have requests for members to pay only for each session attended. However, we are starting to feel that we need a more formal policy, as most courses or groups have a termly subscription fee. So:
Course fee is £70 per term.  Some terms will include 8 sessions for that price, some terms 7 sessions.  For those who are unable to come as often as that, we will offer a part-time subscription of £50, for attendance at up to 5 sessions.  We would like to encourage people to keep on showing up, even though they may have to miss several meetings.
For those with financial hardship who would still like to attend, please contact us directly, and we will sort something out.
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Rules for Ensemble Singing

Golden Rules









I saw these rules today on Facebook and had to send them to you all.  I expect to see them all in evidence on Thursday night. 😉

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