Name That Tune 6

For those of you who missed the last session, here’s our latest Name That Tune! No cheating, no playing… find the rhythm, find some notes & intervals, and see what you come up with. Answers on the 14th.


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Go, Tell It On The Mountain – a spiritual arranged by B. Schürmann

Arranger, Burkhart M. Schürmann








All 3 SAB parts audio

Soprano part audio

Alto part audio

Baritone part audio

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A lovely new Silent Night arrangement












Here’s a really unusual arrangement of Silent Night. I think it presents some new and interesting harmonies without losing the spirit and beauty of the carol. I hope you enjoy learning and singing it.

All 3 Parts audio

Soprano part audio

Alto part audio

Baritone part audio
Note: Baritone part enters at 00:48. Move audio player manually to hear your part.

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Orkney Lullaby

Sorry for the late posting of parts, everybody.  I seem to have fallen a bit behind this past week.  Perhaps I was thinking that since everyone was singing this so well already that the study parts were irrelevant.  But at long last, here they are.

I’ve heard complaints from a couple of youse that the sound isn’t loud enough on the parts audio playback. I won’t get into trying to diagnose all computer issues here, but please do make sure that the Volume slider on the right side of the Audio Player is pulled all the way to the right. This ensures it’s at maximum volume from the source.

One other thing to note is that this is a piece with numerous bars of rests. I’ve done my best (to varying degrees of success) to put a click in to guide you to the beat. Remember this is in 6/8 time, so each ‘click’ you hear is one with 6 clicks in a bar. Do drop me a line if there is any confusion at all.

Audio SAB – all 3 parts together

Audio – Soprano part

Audio – Alto part

Audio – Baritone part

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A cool arrangement of Bach’s Adoramus Te

Bach to the Beach

Welcome Bach to a new season of Lewes Voice Works!  We have some fab new pieces to work on and we’re starting with this lovely, rather New Agey version of Adoramus Te.

Think long legato phrases, folks.





Adoramus Te – 3 Parts, SAB

Adoramus Te – Soprano

Adoramus Te – Alto

Adoramus Te – Baritone

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An African Alleluia with some funky, gospel rhythms.

Hey, watch those syncopated rhythms, everybody!  It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

And to make it even cooler still we’re going to be giving out percussion instruments to 3 of you because this thing has written parts for triangle, shaker and congas!





African Alleluia – 3 Parts, SAB

African Alleluia – Soprano

African Alleluia – Alto

African Alleluia – Baritone

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Now is the Month of Maying – for SAB

We began this at our last session and while it’s mostly pretty easy to read right off, here are the files so everyone can have a bit of a practice and those who missed out on our session at Jasper Lodge (Election Night at LVW!) can play catch up.

Have fun!

Oh, and apologies for another obscure American reference, but I couldn’t help myself. Hearing Don Knotts sing this song cheers me no end.

3-Part SAB audio

Soprano part audio

Alto part audio

Bass part audio

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TED Talk: Record Diggers

Helpful in understanding one of your hosts of LVW. But also a great way of finding new and soul fulfilling music, if you find the algorithms of Spotify and other services less than helpful.

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Voice Tutorials

A few of you have been asking for these, so I’m putting the 4 of them in one place.  These are a series of short voice tutorials that I did some time ago for some of my students and for anyone else who might find them useful.  I’ve since been contacted by several singers from various parts of the world who have watched them, and three of them have come for singing lessons. The power of the web, eh?

If anyone has a vocal or musical subject that they would like me to tackle in a video, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment here.


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Lennon & McCartney’s lovely “If I Fell” for SAB

I said at rehearsal that McCartney was influenced by pop music from an earlier era––and of course, this was mostly written by John.


ROLLING STONE’s Top 100 Beatles Songs

26. ‘If I Fell’

Main Writer: Lennon
Recorded: February 27, 1964
Released: June 26, 1964
9 weeks; no. 53 (B side)

“If I Fell” was Lennon’s first attempt to write a slow, pretty number for a Beatles record. “People forget that John wrote some nice ballads,” McCartney said. “People tend to think of him as an acerbic wit and aggressive and abrasive, but he did have a very warm side to him, really, which he didn’t like to show too much in case he got rejected.”

Lennon said the lyrics — in which he begs a new lover for tenderness after being wounded by the last girl — were “semiautobiographical, but not consciously.” On the surface, they had little to do with his life: He had been with his wife, Cynthia, for years, and their son, Julian, was almost a year old.

But musically, it was one of Lennon’s cleverest songs to date: The harmonic tricks of its strummy, offbeat opening were miles beyond what other bands were doing at the time, and it was “dripping with chords,” as McCartney said. It also showcased some of the Beatles’ finest singing. Lennon and McCartney shared a single microphone for their Everly Brothers-like close harmonies.

If I Fell – 3 Parts, SAB

If I Fell – Soprano part

If I Fell – Alto part

If I Fell – Baritone part

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