Soave sia il vento | A trio from Mozart’s opera, Cosí fan tutte

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Greetings, Voiceworkers!

We’re tackling Wolfie Amadeus this week, so have a look and a listen and a sing through, if you have a few moments to spare.  It’s not long but it is in Italian and presents some challenges vocally.  I’ve put the Italian and its English translation at the bottom of this post.

Note: This is normally sung as a solo trio.  I have embedded a video from Glyndebourne’s 2006 production DVD below the parts.

Audio: 3 Parts

Soave sia il vento_3-parts_p1
Soave sia il vento_3-parts_p2
Audio: Soprano part

Soave sia il vento_sop
Audio: Alto part

Soave sia il vento_alto
Audio: Baritone part

Soave sia il vento_bar

Soave sia il vento,
Tranquilla sia l’onda,
Ed ogni elemento
Benigno risponda
Ai nostri {vostri) desir.

English translation:
Gentle is the wind,
Calm is the wave,
And every one of the elements
Answer warmly
To our (your) desire.

8 thoughts on “Soave sia il vento | A trio from Mozart’s opera, Cosí fan tutte”

  1. This is a great work , thank you, I just notice soprano part missed some notes, I ‘m sure it’s the program that you used for making the parts, they don’t read some notes sometimes. Just in case for people reading this be aware of that and control with the part and audio both. Thank you !

  2. Sorry to nitpick, but the translation should be ‘Let the wind be sweet (OK, gentle if you want), Let the wave be calm…’. The sisters are wishing (subjunctive) their lovers — whom, in fact, they can’t wait to see the backs of — a pleasant voyage.

    But thank you for the post.

    p.s. Have you heard the Schwarzkopf/Ludwig version? I think it’s still hard to beat.

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