Come Live With Me – by William Sterndale Bennett

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Bennett-William-Sterndale-05Here is a really sweet, lilting 3-part song for us to work on.  It was originally arranged for 4 parts (SATB) but Carol very cleverly and handily whittled it down to 3 (SAB).  She also included a note about Sir Willie on the top of the first page of music that is worth reading.

Have a look and listen through and we’ll begin work on it next session, which is 26 June.

(Hmmm….. stern by name, stern by nature by the looks of things.)

Come Live With Me – 3 Part Audio

Come Live With Me_3parts_p1
Come Live With Me_3part_p2
Come Live With Me_3part_p3
Come Live With Me_3part_p4

Come Live With Me – Soprano Audio

Come Live With Me_Sop

Come Live With Me – Alto Audio

Come Live With Me_Alto

Come Live With Me – Bass Audio

Come Live With Me_Bass

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