Finale of Don Giovanni

Don JuanWelcome back, all to the Autumn 2014 LVW sessions.  Here are the parts for the very excellent finale of Mozart’s Don Giovanni that we began working on last evening.  I’ve included the piano part in each of the audio files to help you hear where you are, but I’ve lowered the volume of the piano and raised the volume of your parts so it should be clear what you are listening to.
Remember, those black bars with the numbers over them are places where you rest. The number tells you how many bars you rest for. Since we’re beating this piece in 2, there are 2 beats in each bar. So, to find your place count 1,2 2,2 3,2 4,2 and so on.

Have fun!

Audio for 3-Parts (with piano)

Giovanni finale SAB parts_0001 Giovanni finale SAB parts_0002 Giovanni finale SAB parts_0003 Giovanni finale SAB parts_0004 Giovanni finale SAB parts_0005 Audio for Soprano (with piano)
Giovanni finale parts - Soprano_0001 Giovanni finale parts - Soprano_0002 Audio for Alto (with piano)
Giovanni finale parts - Alto_0001 Giovanni finale parts - Alto_0002 Audio for Baritone (with piano)
Giovanni finale parts - Baritone_0001 Giovanni finale parts - Baritone_0002

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