And now….The Chocolate Song

For all you LVW chocoholics, here is the breakdown of parts that make up this velvety bean.  Each audio part begins with a 4 count click-in.  I’ve exported these files at a higher volume for those of you who have been having trouble hearing them on your computer systems.  I hope this will remedy the … Read more

Party at Joan and Roger’s house!

Roger Parish says: We are having a Birthday Party for Joan on the 1st of April(Sunday). Its running from 12 noon and is a drop in, eat drink and be merry affair which will run until the last guest has left.  All Voiceworks members are welcome to attend anytime from noon onwards. If anyone wants … Read more

2 new stories of interest: Bocelli Bows Out and BBC’s Maestro re-rears its ugly head

Anyone interested in the current state of classical music should be following Norman Lebrecht’s blog Slipped Disc.  Full of good stuff for you head. Here’s Norman’s latest takes on Bocelli’s catastrophic Romeo and the BBC’s dreary return of “Maestro.” Bocelli Crashes Out of Romeo, Ordered to Cancel all immediate commitments BBC’s dreary Maestro game show … Read more