Understanding Rhythm Patterns

So, here are those confounding rhythm exercises that we were doing the other night. Here’s your chance to get a jump on our next meeting by cheating.  I mean, practicing. 🙂 Each audio clip begins with a 1-bar drum beat identifying the tempo for you.  Then a piano plays the rhythm.  Remember to look first … Read more

Fringe Kelly-Isepp recital posted

Hi LVW folks, Many thanks again to all of you that were able to come hear our Brighton recital on Sunday. To those who missed it, here’s the link for listening to it.  I’ve posted it in its entirety but in its four appropriate sections, so it’s easier to stop and start.  I would have … Read more

The Brighton recital….

To those of you that were able to make it to my recital with Martin Isepp yesterday, many thanks! Carol and I sincerely enjoyed our time with you there and afterward at our house.  Here’s a snippet from the vaults for the anoraks among you.  The great pianist Kenny Clayton was in the audience yesterday. … Read more

Just to clarify a few things….

Hello Voice Workers, We’ve had queries from some of you on various topics: some would like more individual input on singing, and some want more help with understanding musical notation. As Carol and I have announced in our sessions, we are very happy to work with you during our little vino intervals. And, please, if … Read more

Mass for 3 Voices – Kyrie (William Byrd)

Here is the Kyrie from the Byrd Mass for 3 Voices.  I look forward to doing more of this piece at some point in the future.  It’s quite beautiful. First here are the 3 parts togther: Kyrie – 3 parts Now the soprano, and so on: Kyrie – soprano Alto: Kyrie – alto Bass: Kyrie … Read more