This Thursday, 7 December

Oh you revellers, Our final meeting of the term is this Thursday, 7 December.  This may conflict with some of you mooching around Late Night Shopping, but remember, the shops are open from 6pm.  How many glasses of mulled wine do you really need? We’ll touch many of our current pieces (I’ll try not to … Read more

30 November

Hello to all Artistes, Yes indeed, it’s this coming Thursday.  And we’ll have our final session of 2023 the following week, 7 December, so mark your calendars. This week, our over-ambitious list includes: Three More Rounds (we’ll do, appropriately, #3 about confusion) Have You Seen the Ghost of John Agnus Dei Phos Hilaron Rest Sad Eyes … Read more

Thursday 16 November

Howdy doo, This Thursday, the smorgasbord will consist of: Have You Seen the Ghost of John Waters of Babylon Agnus Dei And So it Goes (let’s really nail it this time) Phos Hilaron (we were going to try to review it last week, but…) Rest Sad Eyes Science Song That should keep us busy. c&p

All systems go!

It’s pretty calm here in Lewes, the weather not anything particularly unusual for this time of year. So we’re on, hope the weather doesn’t impede many of you. They always overpredict. c&p

Storm alert!

Hi all, We’ll watch the weather and maybe cancel tomorrow’s meeting, so watch this space, and check in before you sally forth, OK? Stay in touch and let us know what you think, as this storm develops (or doesn’t…) C&P

This Thursday, 2 November

Hello Group, Here’s our list for this Thursday: Three More Rounds (#2, the cow one) Mi Gallo (the chicken one) Agnus Dei And So it Goes Phos Hilaron (remember that one?) Rest, Sad Eyes Science Song You’ll notice we always have big plans, but then shove the pieces onto the following meeting when we don’t … Read more

This Thursday, 19 October

Greetings, Songbirds! This Thursday, yessiree.  Please make sure you’ve printed out: Four Rounds (we’ll do the first one) Mi Gallo Agnus Dei And So it Goes Hungarian Songs (there are 3: Handsome Butcher, Apple Apple, Old Woman) Rest Sad Eyes Science Song Of course, we won’t get to all of them, but it’s good to … Read more

Agnus Dei & another…

Hi all, Here’s a link to a lovely recording of the Byrd Mass for 3 voices, which is where the Agnus Dei is.  If you listen to it, be aware that your part may or may not be exactly on top or in the middle– it was scored originally for Alto, Tenor, and Bass.  The … Read more

Thursday 5 October

Hello lovely ones, On the docket for this Thursday are more musical delights, some old, some new. Rounds: Three More Rounds sheet (#3) and Nero’s Expedition New pieces: Agnus Dei (Byrd) and Science Song Old (to some of you) pieces: Ave Verum, Early One Morning, How Merrily We Live, Rest Sad Eyes We really want … Read more

Thursday 21 September

Hello Songsters, We’re meeting again this coming Thursday, usual time & place.  We’ll do some new repertoire again, and also keep shuffling through older pieces.  New members will feel overwhelmed at first, printing out all the pieces, but it will all settle down at some point. On the docket, with our usual Great Expectations: Three … Read more