Name That Tune, Too!

Here’s some more fun for those inclined towards musical puzzles.  Remember––––no cheating!  This is sight reading only.

Have fun and don’t forget our next meeting is this Thursday night, the 26th!

The PDF version to download and print out is here.

Name that Tune 2

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8 Responses to Name That Tune, Too!

  1. Deirdre Seymour says:

    Apparently everyone else could see my answers last time, so I’ll have to write them down separately. Later, though: this lot are much more difficult than the last lot. I’ve only got two at first struggle.
    Deirdre xx

    • lewesclassical says:

      Hi Deirdre,
      Yes, thanks for keeping them off the comments. We’ll give out the actual page on Thursday and then go through them on the next session so everyone will have time to work on them.
      Yup, a bit more challenging this time but all well-known tunes.

  2. Miki says:

    I’m feeling pretty clever this morning! Only A,D and J to go and it took me less than four hours of struggle finding the rest. I was also able to answer a starter question in University Challenge last night. Thanks to Mozart I knew the wine made near Verona named after the Italian word for gentle! How smug am I!!

    • lewesclassical says:

      Nice one, Miki! Both for Name that Tune 2 and University Challenge. We both missed Soave, actually but are often taken aback at how poor their knowledge of classical music is. Although one of them did get Shostakovich last night.

  3. Jenny says:

    Cor, bloody hell ! Have only got 6 so far, but I won’t be beat….. See you all Thursday! xx

  4. Obviously, “musically challenged” is just one more in my ever-growing list of personal challenges. “DAMN YOU, PAUL AUSTIN KELLY!” came the scream from within the hole in his ignorant soul.

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