Nero’s Expedition Up the Nile––by Moondog



Apologies in advance to those of you who are sick of rounds but I found this quite by accident and sort of fell in love with it.  It was written by the New York street musician Moondog.  I’ve been familiar with some of his music for many years but this was new to me.  He makes a very interesting read, by the way!  And I see now that a documentary about his life, “The Viking of 6th Avenue”, is in production for release sometime this year.  So, this is timely and topical!

There are two versions of this round, Nero’s Expedition: the simplified version, which I suggest you start with, and the one Moondog actually wrote which is considerably more difficult to sing due to all the diminished chord intervals he used.  But have a go at both! It will be interesting to see which version you prefer.  We’ll give this an outing at our next session.

Also, at the bottom of the page you’ll find Moondog’s original recording of the song.

Nero’s Expedition – simplified version audio

Nero's Expedition - simplified version

Nero’s Expedition – simplified version

Nero’s Expedition – original version audio

Nero's Expedition  - original version

Nero’s Expedition – original version

Also, here is Moondog’s original recording of the song!

Water Hyacinth clogging the Nile.

Water Hyacinth clogging the Nile.

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12 Responses to Nero’s Expedition Up the Nile––by Moondog

  1. jenny says:

    Brilliant – prefer second (original) version … love the ‘smokiness’ of his voice… Jen x

  2. Alice says:

    Oh dear – don’t seem able to pay it. Yes – all switched on!

  3. Alice says:

    Quite right. I meant play…

    • lewesclassical says:

      Hi Alice,
      Sorry you’re having troubles. Clicking on the black ‘arrows’ in the yellow player, yes? Not the little speaker. And what happens when you click on it? Does it say anything in the audio player bar that opens?

  4. Alice says:

    When I click on the arrow a blue line shoots across but then no sound. The word ‘buffering’ is written on the blue line! Speaker switched on

    • lewesclassical says:

      Hmm, strange, Alice. I’ve just checked and they are all working fine. If you try to play other audio files on other websites, do they play okay?

      • Alice says:

        Hi Paul – just seen your latest. Thank you – and I mustn’t take up any more of your time. I will get someone of a generation (or two) younger than myself to have a look.
        My 2 problems:
        1. My computer skills are no better than my sight-reading skills.
        2. My computer (no laptop) is a room away from the piano.
        Hence my need to print if I am to try to learn !
        Nil desperandum ….

        • lewesclassical says:

          Alice, would it be okay if I email you the files? It would be no problem as I have them all together in one folder. You could download them and print and play them however you like. That okay?

  5. Jenny Money says:

    Paul, this new system is fine – clear as a bell…

    In answer to Alice’s query above, buffering simply means that it is taking some time to load, but should do so eventually, so it’s just a waiting game!!

    • lewesclassical says:

      Good! That’s one for.

      In regards to buffering––unless your system is slow or your internet connection is sluggish these shouldn’t take any buffering time at all. The files are very small and the audio players are the latest coding. Let’s see how we go. If most are in favour I’ll begin adding them to all of our recent pieces. But not just yet.


  6. Grace Davies says:

    It seems fine except that I can’t see how to go back to the beginning. So I can pause at any point but if there is a tricky bit I can only take it to the end and start again, but not repeat phrases. Should I be able to? Grace

    • lewesclassical says:

      I’m able to grab the moving white line and move it anywhere through time. That’s how it’s designed to work. You can also use your keyboard L&R arrows to skip ahead or back by several seconds.

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