Somewhere Over the Rainbow

07112010030Here’s a lovely but challenging 3 part arrangement of Harold Arlen’s & Yip Harburg’s unforgettable song.  Lots of jazz harmonies here so hold onto your hats.  And your notes. Oh, and baritone–– please ignore that extra little note at the end of the 3-part sheet music. Slip of the finger.

Here’s your PDF link to the whole schmear for downloading and printing.

Here also are the audio parts for downloading if you are having problems playing the examples on the website.

3-Part Audio

Over the Rainbow, 3-Parts

Over the Rainbow, 3-Parts

Over the Rainbow, 3-Parts, p2

Over the Rainbow, 3-Parts, p2

Soprano audio part

Somewhere Over the Rainbow_Soprano

Somewhere Over the Rainbow_Soprano

Alto audio part

Over the Rainbow - Alto

Over the Rainbow – Alto

Baritone audio part

Over the Rainbow - Baritone

Over the Rainbow – Baritone

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3 Responses to Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  1. Miki says:

    Sorry to be a bother but I have been unable to get the audio clips for Rainbow or Moondog. I thought when the first email came from you it might be a one off but now I can’t get this one either – Purcell was fine. It says I need flash which I can’t get on an iPad. I see Alice is having problems too but her problem looks different! I’m not techie either -maybe you could start a second class in computer literacy! I shall look for Moondog on youtube in the meantime and do my usual sight -singing mumbling to Rainbow. Alice might not want to sit beside me though. See you on Thursday.

    • lewesclassical says:

      Ah, woe is me. Seems whatever I change to please somebody, somebody don’t like what I changed. Grace is happy now and Miki and Alice are having troubles. Your iPad however is Apples problems because they won’t make friends with Adobe and get Flash. Which is precisely why I didn’t buy an iPad.

      Okay, well I’ll have to have another think about these audio files. Maybe I’ll try another player, non Flash-based and see how that works.

      Stay tuned to this channel, Miki. We’ll get there eventually. 😉

  2. Jenny Money says:

    Concert yesterday was absolutely amazing – Carol’s playing was superb, and Paul’s singing divine… Keep up the good work! Jen xx

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