The Virgin Mary, newly revised

Virgin-Mary-stylized1Carol has handily revamped some of the SAB writing in this arrangement and I have redone the audio files to keep up with the slightly more modern website.  Hope this helps.

The audio files are a bit under tempo to help get to grips with them.  We’ll give it a bit more of a calypso groove when we work on it.

Virgin Mary – All 3 Parts

Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_01
Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_02
Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_03
Virgin Mary_3-partVocal_04

Virgin Mary – Soprano part

Virgin Mary_Vocal - Soprano_01
Virgin Mary_Vocal - Soprano_02

Virgin Mary – Alto part

Virgin Mary_Vocal - Alto_01
Virgin Mary_Vocal - Alto_02

Virgin Mary – Baritone part

Virgin Mary_Vocal - Baritone_01
Virgin Mary_Vocal - Baritone_02

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