20 January, repertoire

Hello all,

Shall we avoid the clichés? Nah.

We hope you’ve all had a good Christmas and New Year’s and here’s to a better 2022.


We’d like to keep some old repertoire going, improving even, but we’ll also add some new pieces. Please check the audio files and download the sheet music for the following:

Drink On
Mi Gallo
Bring Me Little Water
How Great Delight (new, resurrected from a long time ago)
Lachrymosa (new)
Over the Rainbow
Secondate aurette amiche

We do try to vary the repertoire, learning new things while maintaining the confidence in the more familiar pieces. Let us know how it all fits for you.

Let me know if you need help putting holes in your sheet music and arranging them alphabetically 😉

Hope to see lots of you on the 20th.

Love from us both,
Paul & Carol

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