Agnus Dei – with REAL VOICES!!

Okay, Folks!  We’ve decided to go all out and provide real voices on the parts for your listening and learning pleasure.  We’re starting with the Byrd 3-Part Mass, Agnus Dei and we’ll work our way through all our repertoire as quickly as we can.

There is a click-track included in each voice part so you can follow the beat.  If there are any problems with the volume level, please do let us know but do make sure that if you play the files online you have the volume on the Audio Player notched all the way up.  It’s the little vertical lines on the left side and you need to drag them to the right so that all the bars are red.




Agnus Dei – Soprano
[audio:|titles=Agnus Dei – Soprano]
Agnus Dei – Soprano download

Agnus Dei – Alto
[audio:|titles=Agnus Dei – Alto]
Agnus Dei – Alto download

Agnus Dei – Bass
[audio:|titles=Agnus Dei – Bass]
Agnus Dei – Bass download 

4 thoughts on “Agnus Dei – with REAL VOICES!!”

  1. Hello,
    I just subscribed and I find the audio files very helpful. Can I ask for audio files of the Gloria
    in Byrd – Mass for 3 voices.
    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Anat,
      Thanks for writing and we’re pleased to have you aboard. Unfortunately, since our group has not worked on the Byrd Gloria, we don’t have the audio parts available. It’s all done as needed, I’m afraid. Hope this helps.

  2. Very good to hear an actual voice.

    However when I went for the download, it seemed to go back to the older style music. Can we not have the voice as the download?

    • Hi James,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I just checked these however and the download and the audio player files are identical. In other words, the download is the same file as the yellow player buttons are playing. Not sure what you’re hearing, or why.

      Anyone else experiencing a problem?


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