And now….The Chocolate Song

For all you LVW chocoholics, here is the breakdown of parts that make up this velvety bean.  Each audio part begins with a 4 count click-in.  I’ve exported these files at a higher volume for those of you who have been having trouble hearing them on your computer systems.  I hope this will remedy the problem.
*Please do report back or post a comment.  I love comments! 😉

First here is the audio for the whole schmear:
[audio:|titles=Chocolate Song (ALL)]

Then Soprano:
[audio:|titles=Chocolate Song (SOPRANO)]

[audio:|titles=Chocolate Song (ALTO)]

Now the BASSES:
[audio:|titles=Chocolate Song (BASS)]

And lastly, the SOLO part:
[audio:|titles=Chocolate Song (SOLO VOICE)]

Don’t let yourself get bogged down with the complex notation here.  Just listen to the track and get a feel for it.  Bon apétite!


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