Banks of Sicily

Here are the parts for Banks of Sicily, which we will begin working on at an upcoming class.

Here’s a 1963 recording of the Chad Mitchell Trio singing the song.  This is where I learned it.  Our arrangement is a little different but not far off.

09 The Banks Of Sicily (1964)

By the way, I recommend right-clicking on the the audio files (the link just above the various parts) and downloading them to your computer so you can listen on your favourite player while you look at your part. Have fun!  (PK)

Banks of Sicily_3-parts

Banks of Sicily_sop


Banks of Sicily_alto



Banks of Sicily_bar


2 thoughts on “Banks of Sicily”

  1. Just listened to Banks of Sicily. It’s very pretty. Can’t wait to hear the boys singing it-I expect the girls will be knitting fishermans jumpers and hauling the nets in whilst they serenade us

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