Interval training – 3rds and 5ths

So, as promised, we’re offering a new way to start coming to grips with intervals––both hearing them and recognizing them on the page. Have a read through and listen to the clips below. Be sure to sing the intervals with and without the audio clips, then go back and test yourself.

By the way, you can save an image of this page below by right clicking and saving the image to your desktop, then print it out to make it easier to follow.

Major 3rds
Major 3rds Melodic
Example 1 – Morning Has Broken
Example 2 – Kumbaya
Example 3 – Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Minor 3rds
Minor 3rds Melodic
Example 1 – Greensleeves
Example 2 – So Long, Farewell (from The Sound of Music)
Example 3 – Hey, Jude
Perfect 5ths
Perfect 5ths Melodic
Example 1 – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Example 2 – Star Wars Theme Music
Example 3 – Bach Minuet in G

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