Last meeting montage…..

Dear LVWers,
Here’s a sort of best of collection from our recording of the last meeting.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the party Jenny has very kindly organised for the 19th.  Preferably over a glass. 🙂

Part 1

Part 2




6 thoughts on “Last meeting montage…..”

  1. Hi,

    In parts quite nice I thought.

    Okay they are work in progress but what comes across is people are enthusiatic, interested and HAVING FUN !

    Leave the furrowed brow stuff for other singing groups.

    Well done folks.


    PS. It was “a bit cracky…..” right ?

  2. I think we should perhaps do some of the most recent ones so that there are more of us who know them!! How about ‘Go tell it on the mountain’? Nice and stirring! Definitely ‘Come sirrah’ – it’s perhaps the one we mess up the least!! And yes, Kyrie would be good… But Moon River just sounded like a drunken dirge….


  3. Hearing yourself recorded is always hard, no matter how good you are. Funny, I was thinking you were all making some pretty nice sounds. But this isn’t about being a choir, you’re right.

  4. Yes! Bit of a shock. How do P&C cope with us?

    And can someone just confirm our repertoire for Tuesday? I think it is:
    – Come sirrah Jack-ho
    – Moon River (Lord, we sound painful)
    – Kyrie?

    Time to put in some practice this weekend!!!!

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