Luci care, luci belle (Mozart)

Now….at long last…..the one you’ve all been waiting for….the one you’ve all been clamouring for!  Well, most of you have, anyway.  All, right…some of you.  Right! Fair dues.  One of you in particular has asked for Luci care 3 times.  Never let it be said that we don’t listen to our constituents!

But seriously, folks––this is a lovely little Mozartian masterpiece that is long overdue finding its place in our archives, so that you can all have a go at it without the extreme, intense pressure and anxiety brought about by singing with the illustrious LVW on a Thursday evening.  Enjoy!

All 3 parts audio with metronome track

Soprano audio with metronome track

Alto audio with metronome track

Hombres audio with metronome track

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