Mass for 3 Voices – Kyrie (William Byrd)

Here is the Kyrie from the Byrd Mass for 3 Voices.  I look forward to doing more of this piece at some point in the future.  It’s quite beautiful.

First here are the 3 parts togther:
Kyrie – 3 parts

Now the soprano, and so on:
Kyrie – soprano

Kyrie – alto

Kyrie – bass

5 thoughts on “Mass for 3 Voices – Kyrie (William Byrd)”

  1. Yes i did get the email today via Lewes Classical about Kyrie. But nothing prior to this regarding the new facility on the website. May just be my email has a problem

    I have just sent an email to the members so lets hope everyone is now aware of the parts on the site.

    Hope you don’t mind


  2. Well, I thought I had. You’ve subscribed, yes? Aren’t you getting an email alert every time something new gets posted? I’ve put everyone’s email address into the subscription module. Puzzling.

    • Hi Richard,
      Well, we’ll see. It depends on whether anyone else besides you, me, Cathy and Jenny are reading this thing. 🙂 Takes time for these things to get going, I know.

      • I agree. It may be worth sending an email alerting members that these peices are now here. I didnt know until I had a look at the site yesterday. I think you will get more using it if you do.

        Go tell it on the email !



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