Moon River, wider than a mile…..

Okay, here’s the first proper post––individual parts excerpted from our Moon River arrangement.  Above your part is your vocal line played on a pretty voice synthesizer. Put the sound up on your computer and click the little yellow arrow thingy below.  No words, I’m afraid––just your part.  So, go to it!

Here’s a PDF of the whole arrangement so you can have a look at the other parts or print it out if you like.  Moon River – Complete arrangement

All 3 parts Audio

Soprano Audio

Alto Audio

Baritone Audio

15 thoughts on “Moon River, wider than a mile…..”

  1. Hi

    Thanks for the update.

    I now really need to work on it

    Will I ever get this part , I think I know it until I get to the class and we all start singing, then it all goes outta my head.

    Hey Ho…..


  2. Well, glad to see someone is paying attention. I obviously wasn’t. Gee, I didn’t think Sibelius was capable of making that kind of mistake. It surely couldn’t have been MY fault!

    Help yourself to a Snickers, Richard.


  3. Hi Folks,

    Just noticed bar 65-70 of the Bass score above for Moon River is missing. Do I get a prize for spotting the deliberate mistake ? : )



  4. Hi sory I missed last week, but am getting myself together, whatever that means.
    Thank you for the music, I have tried singing with it but guess will have to practise more sight singing, the squeaks and growls were not how I thought moon river went.
    Will try again when nobody is in the house.thank you for all your work both of you Sheila

    • Hi Sheila, we missed you, too! Let me know what is squeaking and growling and I’ll see if I can help. And I know how much nicer it is singing when the house is empty. 🙂

  5. Howdy,
    Well, here is the 3-part you asked for and all individual parts played on a nice piano. I’ll change the ones on Come Sirrah ASAP. Damn demanding schoolboys….

  6. Hi

    I was thinking low tech, upload an mp3 of someone singing the part with a piano accompaniment, but I appreciate it all takes time.

    Any chance of the whole arrangement sound file for moon river being uploaded as you did with come sirrah, so we can here how the parts fit together.

    demanding students … Who needs em : )



  7. Hi Richard,
    About an hour, I guess. I can’t get a real voice because then it would take hours but I’m working on the piano. That I’m sure I can manage. It’s just that Sibelius defaults to that sound when you create and export voice parts, unfortunately. Thanks for your support and input!

  8. Hi,

    This is great thanks for all your work, it must have taken hours. A Real voice and piano would be nice on the sound files if you want suggestions, but I appreciate this all takes time so may not be possible. Its still really helpful though.

    Many Thanks

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