My Barber of Seville performance schedule

A number of you have asked where and when my Barber of Seville performances will be taking place, so I’m posting the schedule here.  It turns out they are all public performances so any and all are welcome to attend.
That does NOT mean anyone should feel obligated to attend, comprendi?? 😉

Barber of Seville performance schedule – Opera Brava 

Expect your small company touring package here.  Twee little sets and peculiar costuming.  But the singing should be fab.

See you Thursday!

1 thought on “My Barber of Seville performance schedule”

  1. Either Tonbridge or Petworth – probably Petworth but will DEFINITELY be at one or the other. Can also offer lifts to either venue for 3 or 4 people… See you tonight! Jen x

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