Next week’s rep for 28 April

Hello all,

We trust you had a good break from commitments, but expect that you’ve been doing vocal agility exercises every day. No? Missed a couple of days? We’ll get you back in shape.

We’re going to try to keep many of our older pieces alive, as usual, and keep our two main pieces from last term as polished as ever. And, we’ll add some new repertoire as well.


Rounds: Coffee Canon
(Plus we’ll add some new ones as soon as we’ve chosen them)

New piece:
Lachrymosa (Mozart)

Other pieces we’ve worked on, but maybe they could improve:
And So it Goes
Follow Me
I Attempt from Love’s Sickness
Rest Sad Eyes

Our 2 pieces from last term were Over the Rainbow and How Great Delight. Keep those pieces in your oh-so-organised folders.

Make certain you’ve got these pieces printed out for next Thursday. We’ll bring some extra copies for you slackers who can’t figure out printers.

Dates for the term are 28 April, 12 & 26 May, 9 & 23 June, 7 July, AND one more, either 14 or 21 July, to be decided. Opinions welcome.

Subscription for the term is £60.

Put our dates in the diary, and cowabunga.

Lots of love,
Carol & Paul

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