Orkney Lullaby

Sorry for the late posting of parts, everybody.  I seem to have fallen a bit behind this past week.  Perhaps I was thinking that since everyone was singing this so well already that the study parts were irrelevant.  But at long last, here they are.

I’ve heard complaints from a couple of youse that the sound isn’t loud enough on the parts audio playback. I won’t get into trying to diagnose all computer issues here, but please do make sure that the Volume slider on the right side of the Audio Player is pulled all the way to the right. This ensures it’s at maximum volume from the source.

One other thing to note is that this is a piece with numerous bars of rests. I’ve done my best (to varying degrees of success) to put a click in to guide you to the beat. Remember this is in 6/8 time, so each ‘click’ you hear is one with 6 clicks in a bar. Do drop me a line if there is any confusion at all.

Audio SAB – all 3 parts together

Audio – Soprano part

Audio – Alto part

Audio – Baritone part

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