Round-up for the last session this term

The Round-Up
The Round-Up

Hello All,

For our last session we’ll do a joyous bash through some of what we’ve learned this term as well as a few gems from past years.  I realize not everyone will know all of the music but as ever I am supplying the links here so that those of you who are so inclined will be able to put in a bit of revision.

Here’s what we’re planning:

Ave Verum

Nero’s Expedition

Rest, Sad Eyes

Drinking Catch No. 2

My Complaining

Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

Non Nobis Domine

Over the Rainbow

Sweet Kate

Non nobis Domine is coming momentarily.  Hang on.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday night!


3 thoughts on “Round-up for the last session this term”

  1. Kevin, What we have done in previous years is to have a summer party at someone’s house/garden. We all take a plate of food and a bottle, and bring along any friends and/or relatives who would like to come, and we just have a good old natter and a bit of a singsong… If we are REALLY lucky, Paul sings something for us, and if we are even luckier still, Mike does a duet with Paul… What you might call a Mike and Paul Moment…!!!!!!
    Anyone offering house/garden for this year, or shall we reconvene as before at Russell’s house? Say Saturday 26 or Sunday 27 July??

  2. Just a thought, with such an impressive line up of pieces, not to mention the singers, I just wondered whether it would be feasible to invite family/friends prepared to listen to provide a small audience. I’m not sure that I could persuade any family or friends to come, but it may also be of interest to anyone contemplating joining us.

    Maybe there are limits on numbers in the room, but Id be interested in your thoughts and anyone else who would be interested or hate the idea.

    Love to all

    • Hi Kevin,

      I’m thinking that although it’s a lovely idea, it would slow us down a bit and we have a lot of music to get through. Also there’s the parking to think of. I like the idea in principle, though.

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