from the Handel opera, Acis and Galatea — The Flocks Shall Leave the Mountains

For those of you pining for more opera, here you go. I think we’ll have a lot of fun with this. I’ve left the click in the audio parts to help you keep track of the beat, but have only given you one full bar of click before your part comes in.  BAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! All 3 … Read more

YAY! Another Purcell drinking catch to aid our…….singing.

So, as promised, here is Purcell’s Drinking Catch #2 in all its lovely, sordid glory.  A bit trickier than the third one we began with (and know and love so well), but you all got a very good start on it the other evening, so here’s your chance to brush up those few notes that … Read more

The Seal Lullabye, by Eric Whitacre (for SAB Choir)

Download a printable copy! Here are the parts for The Seal Lullaby that we began rehearsing this past Thursday. By request, I have added a starting chord for each part, followed by your starting note. I hope everyone finds this is helpful. It seems obvious to me now, having had it pointed out to me. … Read more

O magnum misterium for SAB voices – Tomás Luis de Victoria

Download a printable copy! Hi All, Here are the parts for the Victoria which we began on Thursday evening. Have patience with it. It’s stunningly beautiful but it is more difficult than most other pieces we have tackled thus far. You guys are good! You’ll conquer it! Apologies to the basses in advance for having … Read more

An African Alleluia with some funky, gospel rhythms.

Hey, watch those syncopated rhythms, everybody!  It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. And to make it even cooler still we’re going to be giving out percussion instruments to 3 of you because this thing has written parts for triangle, shaker and congas!         African Alleluia – 3 … Read more

Handel’s Hallelujah chorus arranged for SAB

Well, it’s more pages than usual but it will all be worth it when you experience singing it.  Yes, I miss the tenor part but then, I’m a bit biased.  That’s life in LVW! 😉 Much of it will feel very familiar to many of you, I’m sure but I envy those who are being … Read more

Placido é il mar from Mozart’s opera, Idomeneo.

Download a printable copy! The beautiful Placido é il mar from Mozart’s opera, Idomeneo.  Keep the breath steady and supported, clear consonants and long vowels.         Placido é il mar – 3 Parts Audio Placido é il mar – Soprano Audio Placido é il mar – Alto Audio Placido é il mar … Read more

Sine Nomine – A Vaughan Williams festival piece

Welcome back, everyone! And a special welcome to any newbies coming aboard.  We’re beginning with a lovely arrangement of the Sine Nomine arranged by Vaughan Williams. Here are the parts for those of you who wish to get in a bit of advanced study before Thursday night. 3-Parts – SAB Audio Soprano Part – Audio Alto … Read more

Strike It Up, Tabor by Thomas Weelkes

Download a printable copy! Thomas Weelkes (1576-1623) was an English composer and organist at Chichester Cathedral. He wrote mostly vocal music, including many madrigals. The Oxford Book of English Madrigals has more songs by Weelkes than any other composer. For a church organist he appears to have been quite an unruly character. In spite of … Read more