WELCOME BACK! 9 September––Put it in the diary!

WELCOME BACK! And welcome to new members too.

Our first meeting is on 9 September, 7:30 at Christ Church, Lewes.

Below is a list of the repertoire we may attempt to cover on that date— some old, some new. You will need to bring your own copies of the music, which you can download and print from this site. Under The Music & Parts on the right hand side of your screen, scroll down to find the title you’re looking for, and you will find a printable link as well as a recording for you to listen to. Don’t laugh.

Not in order, and we won’t get to all of it, but:

Mi Gallo
Non nobis domine
Caldara Wordless Round
Ave Verum
Bring me Little Water, Sylvie
How Merrily we Live
I Attempt from Love’s Sickness

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