Welcome Back! Dates for Autumn 2012

What you’ve all been waiting for––dates for the Autumn 2012 LVW meetings!  Remember, they’re all in Lewes now at Christ Church on Price Edwards Road.  Here is a map.



Here they are, folks:
13 SEP

27 SEP

11 OCT

25 OCT

(1 NOV) – This is over half term so we may take a vote on whether to meet or not.

15 NOV

29 NOV

13 DEC



2 thoughts on “Welcome Back! Dates for Autumn 2012”

  1. Hello chaps,
    I am pulling together the umph to get singing again and, step 1, putting the dates in my diary. But isn’t November 1st a mis-type as the 2-week rhythm suggests it should be the 8th?
    I will get a bit of practice in and almost definitely see you for session 2.
    Toodle pip,

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