Come Sirrah Jack

*29 January, 2018––Please note that I have reworked the original audio files for you as the originals from way back when were woefully inadequate.  I’ve also added the above video of the King Singers doing a marvelous rendition for your enjoyment.  PAK

Dear LVW members, here are the parts and audio for Come Sirrah Jack Ho (Thomas Weelkes).  When you look at the parts you’ll notice something strange––anyone? Anyone?  Yes, it’s not in 6/8 as our class arrangement is!  It’s in 3/4 time.  When you listen to the audio files, though, you’ll find that although it is notated differently it is actually the very same arrangement.  It is a bit easier to read as 3/4 is a simpler way of notating a piece such as this.

I’m also including an audio of all 3 parts together so you hear how the harmonies work together and, as I did with Moon River, a PDF file that you can download and print out. Soon I will start putting up some performances of these songs for us to have a listen to, as well.  Have fun!

Come Sirrah Jack Ho – PDF file

All 3 Parts (SAB)


Soprano part

Alto Part

Baritone Part

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8 Responses to Come Sirrah Jack

  1. Jenny says:

    Once again, you’ve come up trumps! This makes SUCH a difference to be able to practice at home. And I love the links to the various points of theory… Keep up the good work!

  2. lewesclassical says:

    Thanks, Jenny. I’m so glad you’re finding it useful. I’ll keep fine-tuning.

    • Miki says:

      Oh good some more things for me to squeak around the house- the dogs get quite worried. In come sirrah, however, there appear to be none of the disconcerting flats in the soprano that I thought I had been singing in class…. have I been making them up?

      • lewesclassical says:

        Be grateful you’re not a trumpet player. Our dog Zeke sings along like a wolf! And not in the least bit worried.

  3. Jeff Hurd says:

    Unfortunately, not much use for tenor, as it has not been recorded on it’s own.

  4. Jeff Hurd says:

    Sorry, but could you explain that please. We are a local choir who are practising a number of madrigals and tenors are involved, so music for their part would be a great help!

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