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Thank you all for your help in my little search. Two people mentioned Jennifer Lopez, a song called On the Floor. From the Wikipedia page for that album I found a reference for a Bolivian folk song that was used for a 1981 song by K’Jarkas called Llorando Se Fué. I just bought the album from Spotify. It’s a gorgeous song.

LLorando Se Fué (by K’Jarkas)
Llorando Se Fue

Here’s a bit more info from the Wiki page for those who are nearly as anorak as I am.

“Llorando se fué” (English: Crying he/she went away)

According to Gonzalo Hermosa, Los Kjarkas had based “Llorando se fué” from a small, nostalgic Andean melody. Their song in Spanish was written in a sad and slow Saya rhythm, which is a type of Afro-Bolivian music. By 1990, Los Kjarkas authorized the translation of the song to 42 languages. They have also performed a Spanish-Japanese bilingual version of the song (keeping the Saya rhythm) in concerts and for the music video made in 1990. The bilingual version was recorded on their 1996 album Sentimiento Andino, Volume 2 and on their 2001 compilation album 30 Años Sólo Se Vive Una Vez, Volume 1. Los Kjarkas has also re-recorded “Llorando se fué” as an upbeat dance version for their 1991 album Tecno Kjarkas (Tecno Andino) and in 2010 with the Bolivian group Voltaje.

So amazing that we can do this!  The web is wonderful.  You’re all wonderful.  Thanks!


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  1. So glad you found it – it was starting to worry me too, I had asked the wrong daughter for assistance- the other one is in Bolivia at the moment and I expect it’s still a huge hit over there! I shall now go and retrieve my pan pipes and knitted llama jumper from the attic and have a few nostalgic moments of easy listening… stop Herb Albert and the Spanish flea

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