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  1. Friday morning……

    Came home and did the poll. Realised it was too late too change the outcome! There appears to be no nursery songs or country and western which, having tried Verdi last night I think is as much as I’m good for. Tried to find a suitable Vieni, o guerriero on u tube to catch the tune (when we started the Mozart there were two good looking boys to stumble along with) OMG, Aida is some spectacle-cone heads, prancing ponies, bare breasted dancing girls – How can I pick up the tune with all that going on? Carol please will you put the parts on line with the plinky plonky piano notes. I am going to practice scattering rose petals in the meantime.
    Ps thoroughly enjoyed last night

    • What a lovely Mikinote! Don’t despair. I thought for a long time that all I was good for was children’s music and folk songs, and while I may have been right all along about that (not that those things can’t be brilliant, because they can!) I’ve realised that much of Verdi and others is also just folk tunes. Once you learn this little ditty you’ll see what I mean. The term ‘Classical Music’ is mostly a scare tactic so don’t fall into the trap. Meantime, I’ll get the plinky plonky piano notes up here ASAP. Thanks, Miki!

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