Happy 2013 and here we go!

We hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s celebration.  Here are our upcoming 2013 dates:

17 Jan
31 Jan
14 Feb
28 Feb
14 Mar
25 Apr
9 May
23 May
6 June
20 June
4 Jul
18 Jul

These dates are also listed in the LVW Calendar, reachable by moving your little cursor upward and clicking on Calendar in the black bar above.  I will be posting my usually vague lesson plan for our first session within the next couple of days, so do check back.

Just as a reminder, all of our sessions are now at Christ Church in Lewes and begin at 7:30pm.  I also understand that we will now be in the church hall itself and not in the room off to the left.

Carol and I look forward to seeing you all on the 17th!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2013 and here we go!”

  1. Looking forward to singing again next week! Do you think LVW should send an invitation to poor Mr David Bowie to join us? He has had awful radio coverage this week as, at the age of only 66, he has apparently lost his vim and vigour and produced some sad dirge. I think a few sessions with us singing joyful ditties will put the stardust back in his ziggy. I know it will mine.

    • Well, I can’t speak for everyone but as long as you’ll vouch for him Miki, I’m sure it will be all right. It’s a new year, after all. We need a few little ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Let’s offer him a free session! 😉

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