Miki’s missing 10 bars! The Banks of Sicily restored.

And that’s the least of her worries!  But here they are at last.  I ‘fixed’ these once.  Or at least I thought I had.  Maybe I watched a movie instead.  I can’t remember now.  See if this is better, Miki.  I’ve just recorded the missing bars and I’m cueing you by singing in the Bass part melody.

Soprano part:

Banks of Sicly, soprano - bars 54 to 64


Alto Part:

3 thoughts on “Miki’s missing 10 bars! The Banks of Sicily restored.”

  1. Miki (and all others!),

    If you love Paul’s ‘dulcet tones’ you can hear them ‘live’ on Sunday 17 March at 4.00 pm in St John’s Sub-Castro church in Lewes, when he will sing Strauss’ Lieder with the Kantanti Ensemble (who are brilliant – shame about Paul, but never mind!!).
    See you tomorrow! xx

  2. Thanks, Paul. Now if I play this again and again to myself I might have it embedded for next time and not put my fellow sight readers off quite so much. I think I am so comfortable in your classes now that I just bellow whatever!

    Will you put Alleluia up? It might look like it’s only for my benefit ( and it really does help me) but I’m sure the others look at the posts too. They just don’t have such need of them.

    Ps I like the added bonus of your dulcet tones!

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