Happy Christmas & New Years wishes, a song, a recipe and next term’s dates.

No Bones for Christmas_coverWe’ve both had such a lovely time with you all this term and want to wish you all happy holidays.
I’m attaching one of my Christmas songs for you.  This is I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day, an arrangement of which will be sung by the East Sussex Community Choir tomorrow night at Town Hall.  This is not the carol with the same title but something entirely different. You can listen online or download it.

Paul Austin Kelly – I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

And here’s Carol’s Brownie recipe and also the one for her Date Flapjacks:
Recipes for LVW

(Just click the link and open the recipe from the next page.  You can then save it to your computer desktop by right-clicking and choosing Save As or whatever your options are for downloading.)

Lastly, we’ve been so happy with the new paying ahead scheme!  Attendance has been up and more consistent and that’s good for all of us.  Also, it makes us feel more committed when we know we’ve got a sizeable group showing up for most sessions.  We take you more seriously! 😉

So, we’re going to run it the same way for next term––everyone will pay upfront for 7 seven sessions (£70) and we’ll again throw in a free private voice lesson for anyone who would like one.

Here are the dates for next term:

2, 16, 30 January
13, 27 February
13, 27 March

Love to all and a Happy Christmas and New Years!


2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas & New Years wishes, a song, a recipe and next term’s dates.”

  1. Dear Carol and Paul, First, a happy Christmas and New Year to you.
    I missed your last class on the 12th which hurt me more than it would have hurt you – I will do better next term. Much love, A xx

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