New music for 2014! 3 Purcell Catches & Mozart’s Ave Verum

Happy New Year, LVW-ers!

Here are 2 new pieces (actually 4!) to get busy on.  I’ll makes separate posts for these to make them easier to search later on.

new yearTo those of you who don’t read any music, please don’t fret a bit––that’s what the audio files are for.  However, I would advise trying to follow along with the dots as best you can.  Start familiarising yourself with how the notes move higher and lower and which kinds of notes move faster, which slower.  I’ll be posting more music learning articles as time goes on.

Go to the next post for the 3 Purcell Catches.

Looking forward to seeing you all (or most of you) on 2nd January 2014.


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