Strange noises at night….

Okay, so we were awakened by the dog at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep because of a strange sound.  At first I thought Carol or Zeke had developed a strange snoring.  But no, I could hear both of them snoring very plainly.  This was a third sound!  I crept downstairs, got my trusty digital recorder and captured the attached sound.  Some of you may need to turn your volume up high to hear this.  Anyone who can identify this will not have to sing a solo on Thursday night.
[audio:|titles=night sound]

1 thought on “Strange noises at night….”

  1. I heard the sound again last night. I went prowling around out in the front garden and easily identified the sound as……..a frog. Our neighbour Colin has an old overgrown pond in his front garden and that was clearly where the sound was coming from. My good friend Julia Clark said it’s very early for frogs. But there you have it. Mystery solved.

    Thanks for all your emails.

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