6 thoughts on “Take the polls and help us decide.”

    • Hi Cathy,
      So sorry. The dates were there all along but unfortunately under the wrong menu. You’ll find them on the calendar now, however I will post a general notice on the front page about the first meeting.
      See you soon!

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Yes, I think adding a bit more info to the About Us page would be sufficient. A front page isn’t really possible in a blog. The front page changes every time you add a new post. I’ll add where we meet and a contact number. Your number okay to use?

  2. Paul,

    I have just seen the email enquiry from Grace Davies and have phoned her. She pointed out that the website doesn’t actually give any indications of what the group is about, where we meet etc., nor a contact number or email address for me/you. Can you let me know when you are back from chasing Hurricane Irene, and we can perhaps add a ‘front page’ to the website? xx

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